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Mary’s Flame – Mary Jane Hand selected best flower best bugs

Grape Zkittlez comes from crossing Zkittlez x Purple Punch x Grand Daddy Purple x Zkittlez

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Grape Zkittlez brings back nostalgic memories for many, of that sweet, grape tasting cough medicine we were given as children when sick. Purple Caper Seeds created this tasty, indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a cross of Zkittlez BX with Purple Punch. Zkittlez BX is Zkittlez bred with a cross of Zkittlez and Grand Daddy Purple.

It’s not hard to guess that is some purple in this strain. The Grape Zkittlez nuggets have thick and curled, purple and fern-green leaves, sparsely littered with long, orange pistils, and heavily glazed in crystal trichomes. These protective trichome hairs help give the buds a frosted look.

Grape Zkittlez has some gassy fumes, amid a sweet and fruity mix of berries and grapes, with just a touch of citrus. Combusting this strain brings out the grape, candy-like flavor. The gassy taste is sour, yet tart, with an herbal twist.

This soothing Indica has stellar reviews among users who say it aids in tension related symptoms, such as cramps, spasms, migraines and nausea. They warn to expect a craving for food and a desire to get into a comfortable position, suggesting relaxing on the couch as the appropriate activity for this strain. Grape Zkittlez has been referred to as “the businessman’s delight” by some, because they describe its smooth, psychoactive, euphoria as keeping the mind sharp enough to function mentally. The soothing terpenes are believed to help the skeletal and nervous system recover from the stresses of daily life.


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