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If you want to be able to vape in a completely discreet way, the Pen Pal Vape Pen is the way to go. Designed to look identical to a standard writing pen, this device can be used without drawing attention to itself. Most importantly, it has the technology needed to deliver a satisfying, consistent vape.

The Pen Pal Vape Pen is a uniquely inconspicuous unit that allows you to enjoy your concentrate no matter where you are. It’s also pocket-friendly, making it perfect for anyone who likes to vape when they are away from home. It boasts a powerful internal battery and a generously sized cartridge for your concentrate. This device charges quickly and is made with durable materials.

The Pen Pal Vape Pen is the ultimate vaping system for vapers who want to be able to enjoy their concentrate wherever they go.


  • Battery
  • Pen Cap
  • Atomizer
  • USB Charger
  • Instructions


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