Packwoods Blunt

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Premium Infused Cannabis Blunt
Glass Filter  +  2 Grams flower  +  .25g NugRun sauce

Packwoods blunts were created in Los Angeles by the Packwoods brand, which has received more awards than any cannabis-based company in the state of California. The blunts are pre-rolled cannabis made from a unique cannabis flower that has been infused with a strain-specific concentrate, but this is only one element of what makes Packwoods unique.

Contrary to some myths, Packwoods are most definitely made out of real weed. The weed just has a few added layers of potency due to the addition of a strain-specific extract and matching kief on the exterior of the blunt.

A Packwoods blunt is a luxury-level masterpiece, by all rights. The extract-infused flower itself is two full grams of hand-broken bud. The blunt is wrapped in a twisted hemp, tobacco-free Packwrap, and an engineered glass filter ensures you get a smooth, consistent draw with every hit. The exterior of the blunt is dusted with a full 0.25 gram of indoor kief (trichome dust) that matches the strain of the bud inside.


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