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High Rollers Shake


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House Shake Hybrid mix. Actual Shake may vary

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gram, eighth, quarter, half, ounce


  1. mulishafmxxx (verified owner)

    Great for rolling. Strong! Good stuff.

  2. CassieLinn (verified owner)

    Great for mixing with fire to make it last longer but you do have 50/50 chance of getting only stems and leaves. One will not get any symptom relief from smoking this alone.

  3. RaynaLeigh (verified owner)

    It’s not good…burns, the last three times I ordered it it was mostly stems with a few seed…

  4. Stephen Trimble (verified owner)

    Good stuff well worth it. Will get about 3Gs of stem but still worth the money each time. I mix with top shelf and prerolls and make it last a long time. Thank you very much for offering this.

  5. Wickedwhitch (verified owner)

    It was mostly stems when I ordered it last

  6. mulishafmxxx (verified owner)

    i just got an ounce, not one stem. Thanks MJ’s!

  7. Sandy (verified owner)

    It was pretty good quality .. I hardly got any stems…

  8. sko355 (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering this for a long time now, along with the named strains. The shake is great for daytime use, although it can pack a punch, depending on the blend! There tends to be a few stems, again, depending on the the blend they’ve created, but mostly no more than the usual stems you get when ordering buds. Almost no seeds, although the few I’ve planted have grown, some indica, some sativa and they all look like different strains (but I don’t know what kind). Every batch has a different strength and high, but I’ve never had a dud batch! All in all, this shake is a great all-around value & general smoke. I highly recommend having it on hand!

  9. Rizz (verified owner)

    Man this is a great deal, forget about the stems. What bud doesn’t have stems?? The price is beautiful and so is the cannabis. I rolled a joint and it did it’s part. 10/10 would buy again 🙂

  10. Chillz0 (verified owner)

    It’s good and I like it.

  11. michael (verified owner)

    as far as shake goes, its usually pretty good for joint rollers. a few stems by my grinder gets most of them. if you smoke of and on all day, this works well for pre rolling and then a top shelf bowl before bed

  12. Joeybowden81 (verified owner)

    Not bad not bad at all 😁

  13. rocan91 (verified owner)

    This is great for adding a tiny bit of extra thc to the cbd dominant strains. I don’t have to break apart my other nugs since this is already in bits. There are some stems and leaves, but since I use the volcano I don’t have an issue with them.

  14. davesnothere (verified owner)

    The last oz I bought was substandard. I have always received great shake in the past but my wife and I both agreed that this last one was lame. The texture and appearance looked like it was put through a mechanical grinder, nice to look at but low potency. Buy smaller amounts before committing to an oz, you never know what you will get.

  15. Kasey Esturo (verified owner)

    Loved it when it came all mixed and whole. I didn’t mind a few stems or seeds but ever since they started grinding it I can barely smoke it and it smells not great.

  16. perezsamantha3 (verified owner)

    I purchased an ounce, and I’m pretty damn sure all it was was cbd flower. I wasn’t high AT ALL. I’m pissed.

  17. perezsamantha3 (verified owner)

    If you’re going an advertise this, it should actually be the REAL THING!! We shouldn’t have to guess if we are actually going to get weed, or something different!

  18. nlauritsen (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! Good high for the price. Great for rolling. 🙂 I love it!

  19. Sandy (verified owner)

    I got a pretty good batch… This is good to keep on hand for desperate times but I would never mix it with top shelf flower… It brings the quality of your good bud down, not the other way around… And as for stems and stuff, it depends on who is weighing it out… Most of them take those big stems out, but some don’t care, lazy…

  20. Dmaury2003 (verified owner)

    The shakes was great one day then I order 1/2 oz the next day straight dust like it was very disappointing and waste of time and money

  21. vvalerieg (verified owner)

    I brought an half it was horrible I hope that the Biscotti Grindings is better I will be back

  22. Sandy (verified owner)

    It was decent this time…

  23. Westb221 (verified owner)

    I’m not ever buying again. I was disappointed.

  24. luxewitch (verified owner)

    good enough. best to mix with better quality stuff but it will do in a pinch

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