Exclusive Emergen-C 3.5g

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This one has Purple in Emergen-C strain nugs are light-green in color with patchwork sections of purple and orange. Each nug appears to be dipped in a frosty layer of trichomes. I would have thought the nugs were frozen grapes instead of cannabis if I didn’t know better. Pieces of the cannabis easily stick to your fingers, which makes using your lighter difficult. The first hit from the bong can definitely pack a punch. Be ready to need a minute depending on your experience.
Expect the high to potentially elevate your mood and maybe provide some good vibes. Don’t count on being completely glued to your couch. The Emergen-C strain might have you moving as you smile big. The potential elevating mood effect provides a talkative feeling that will have you acting lively. Potentially elevate your mood and taste some exceptional weed with the Emergen-C strain.


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