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Packwoods x Runtz 1000mg Disposable Gold Runtz


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Half .5 gram, Full 1 gram


  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    It’s not the best 😶…it has that waxy/plasticy after taste. I’m big on taste so that’s points against it. I’m not even sure what the the high is like… I didn’t feel anything even after four hits…

  2. Sandy (verified owner)

    It’s kinda growing on me…

  3. Sandy (verified owner)

    The color of the wax is too dark for me- the quality is poor.

  4. Sandy (verified owner)

    I just took five hits in a row and don’t feel shit… Now I’m starting to panic… what am I gonna smoke in public???😵

  5. Sandy (verified owner)

    Everytime I went to smoke on it, it was clogged. A couple of times I didn’t think I could get it unclogged… I’ve been having a real problem with MJ’s vape this past year or so. And last time they wouldn’t exchange it… I still can’t get it to work…😡

  6. Sandy (verified owner)

    Oh, also, it didn’t even last a month. I pretty much only vape when outside the home so they usually last me two to three months.

  7. Sandy (verified owner)

    I HATE Packwoods… I struggled trying to get it to work the whole time.

  8. Sandy (verified owner)

    Never again.

  9. Sandy (verified owner)

    Oh yeah, you can totally tell that the people over at Packwoods get so wasted they misspelled words on the packaging! Doesn’t someone proof read it before it gets all the way to the point of printing it? Lol!

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