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Exclusive Cherry Dosido 3.5grams

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Cherry Do-Si-Dos is a cannabis strain with an incredible appearance. It’s rich purple hues and deep amber pistils found in its dark green flowers are easily identifiable, and its pungent odor has traces of sweet cherries which helps it live up to its name.

This strain is a combination of the popular indica Do-Si-Dos and the hybrid Cherry phenotype named Phantom Cookies. The result is a hybrid that is indica-dominant and has users claiming it’s a strain good for relaxation and calming nerves. Most indica strains have built a reputation for not only relaxing the body, but relieving pain or aches found in the muscles and joints.

Cherry Do-Si-Dos is a fairly new strain on the market currently found in Nevada. If you’re fortunate enough to find this in your local dispensary or in a dispensary while visiting Las Vegas, you may want to give this indica-leaning hybrid a try to see if it’s right for you in relaxing both body and mind.

3 reviews for Exclusive Cherry Dosido 3.5grams

  1. dimebagjay (verified owner)

    another dosi with some flavor i dug it

  2. dimebagjay (verified owner)

    great smoke !!

  3. Sandy (verified owner)

    I was kinda disappointed in the appearance… Its not colorful at all… It’ll knock you on your ass though! Not for beginner tokers!

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