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Hawaiian Haze CBD GH

(5 customer reviews)


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THIS IS A CBD STRAIN Hawaiian Haze is produced by crossing an unknown indica haze strain with Hawaiian. It is primarily a sativa strain and delivers a staggering 16% CBD content. The strain produces amazing buds to medicate with. They are dense but quite compact and have good trichome coverage at the same time. The buds are bright green in color but they are mostly overwhelmed by the orange hairs seeping through its surface. The strain has a great fragrance and has a unique floral scent to it. On the other hand, it tastes completely different. Hawaiian Haze delivers an exquisite blend of woody, tropical and pine flavors, which is something to look forward to. The strain is quite popular for its high. Unlike most other sativa strains, it will neither knock you out nor will it affect your focus or concentration. After smoking the strain, you will feel energized and feel euphoric at the same time. If you are having a bad day, Hawaiian Haze is just what you need to get back on track. That being said, it is just as effective at treating several severe medical conditions. The strain has most notably been used to treat patients with stress, insomnia, depression and even nausea.

LOW THC-<0.3%

This CBD hemp flower contains under 0.3% Delta-9-THC. IHF LLC is fully licensed with the California Dept. Of Agriculture to ship to all 50 States.

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gram, eighth, quarter, half, ounce

5 reviews for Hawaiian Haze CBD GH

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    Perfect for daytime medicating. No couch lock or major munchies. Good pain relief.

  2. Sandy (verified owner)

    Good, functional daytime smoke. Great affect on my pain level. Although the bud was a little faded in taste and smell, it was good for 2nd shelf. I did order a little more…

  3. amurch (verified owner)

    Smells pretty good and decent nugs.

  4. Dallas (verified owner)

    Good pain relief, relaxing nice buds

  5. dimebagjay (verified owner)

    my wife really enjoyed this last batch very fresh great for pain

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