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BlackBox Marys Flame 1oz


Pick out and add 8 Exclusive 1/8ths to create your Marys Flame BlackBox

  Product Quantity

Exclusive Bacio 3.5gram

Exclusive Frosty Mac One 3.5grams

Exclusive Galactic Warheads 3.5grams

Exclusive Gary Payton 3.5grams

Exclusive Original Dosido 3.5grams

Exclusive Xtreme Platinum GMO 3.5grams


Marys Flame BlackBox
Choose from all the exclusive strains
add 8 exclusive 1/8th
Create your own Oz


  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    I didn’t see Mochi as one of the options but it’s on the menu… I really wanted that one…

  2. Westb221 (verified owner)

    Happy I got it. Def good deal and Amazing Buds.

  3. Sandy (verified owner)

    This is so awesome! I bought a second box the other day.

  4. Sandy (verified owner)

    It’s cool that you can get an ounce with many choices.

  5. Sandy (verified owner)

    Usually you have to buy an ounce of just one kind… This has a nice selection…

  6. Westb221 (verified owner)

    Yeah. Second box just as good as first. Definitely nice if you want to treat yourself.

  7. Westb221 (verified owner)


  8. Sandy (verified owner)

    Black Box is superb!

  9. Sandy (verified owner)

    This time I got two jars each of just four selections. Last time I smoked it way too fast it was so good. I smoked twice as much as I usually do… lol.

  10. Sandy (verified owner)

    I halfed one of these with somebody and the idiot smoked through his like it was the morning after 4/20! Who now thinks he can come and smoke mine…lol… I don’t think so…😠

  11. Sandy (verified owner)

    I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to afford another Black Box next month… 😭

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